Carried Away with Kari Hulsey, is my very own life journal, documenting all of the excitement as I begin my journey as the Bride-to-Be!

To be honest, at first I was not even exactly sure what I would do with a blog, but I do know that the years continue to fly by and it seems to get harder and harder to slow life down.  It feels like yesterday, I had my very first date with Norman; June 27, 2015.  Now we are almost 6 months in to our engagement and it feels like the wedding will be here before we know it.  (288 days to be exact)

The best advice we continue to receive after getting engaged is to “enjoy every minute”, because it will all happen so fast, BUT it is already happening so fast!  I’m starting my blog, mainly as a life journal to share with my family and friends; but also so that one day I can look back and reminisce on all the little details that not only went into planning our wedding, but to see how our relationship and love will grow as we begin our new life as Mr. and Mrs.

From a girl who used to dream of being a wedding planner, I can’t wait to share what it means to me to be, the Bride-to-Be!  Here is to creating a place where I can keep track of and enjoy every minute of “Becoming a Beltran”

Follow me along on my journey from Miss to Mrs.