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I must admit, I haven’t been updating my blog as regularly as I would like, but only because I have been working on wedding projects that I’d still like to keep a surprise until after our big day.  As much as I want to share all of the planning and preparations, I don’t want to spoil the surprise for all of our guests who will be attending and get to see the final look come together.  Only 100 days to go, y’all.  It is crunch time!

With that said, I’m finding out that as the wedding day countdown gets shorter and shorter, it’s easier to start feeling more and more overwhelmed.  Recently, I’ve made the mistake of checking The Knot app “checklist” right before bed and my mind begins to race, focusing on all of the items listed as OVERDUE.  I’d like to think that stressful moments are normal and sometimes unavoidable when planning a wedding, but here are my tips on how to avoid stress and enjoy ALL the little moments of wedding planning.


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I personally feel like I get so much more accomplished when I start my day with a good ol’ To Do list.  From listing things that I need to do at the office each day, to a simple grocery store list; it’s easy to forget what we need to do if we don’t write anything down.  I get more overwhelmed when I am overthinking everything that I have to do, but seeing all of my thoughts written out and organized I’m able to start working on checking things off, one thing at a time.  Originally I was following the checklists on my The Knot app and in my Southern Wedding’s official planner, which are amazing guidelines to get started, but it wasn’t until I grabbed a notebook and hand wrote a very detailed to do list that I really felt like I could think clearly.


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As much as I like to do things myself, planning a wedding is not a one person job.  I’m so grateful to have so much support throughout this process and reaching out for help keeps me stress-free.  Even if you don’t have people around to help on the day to day stuff, reach out to friends and family who have already planned a wedding and get their advice.  There are also so many resources out there to help, I mean…what would we do without google?!

Most importantly, you and your fiance are in this together and this is just one of many life events to go through.  Fortunately, when I’m feeling stressed Norman does let me have my moments and vent, but he is definitely the person who helps keep me calm.  Wedding projects have also been such a fun way to spend even more time together and rather than feeling stressed, I just want to enjoy all these good times together.

PS I may have also made separate to do lists that I gave to my fiance, my mom, and my sister.  (Please don’t call me bridezilla, lol)


There is nothing like getting in a good workout to relieve some stress and right now I am all about “Sweating for the Wedding.”  Working out is not only a good stress reliever, but a great way to take some time for yourself and focus on you and your health.  There are so many ways to be active and it’s not always just about getting in shape.  Incorporating different activities and focusing on being active and healthy will increase your overall happiness, no need to focus on any stress.  Thank you to Anytime Fitness for being open 24 hours a day, I definitely don’t have an excuse to not make it to the gym.


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I could talk about the wedding all day long, but really all of that overthinking is just going to lead to more stress.  I think that it is very important to set aside a time for wedding planning without forgetting to make time for everything else.  Take time to still enjoy date nights with your fiance, happy hour with friends, and relax with your family.  Make the best of the time that you do have and try to not fret over the small stuff.

Overall, wedding planning is coming along great.  I know there may still be times where I will feel stressed and overwhelmed, but just thinking about the true meaning of our wedding day reminds me that even though the day may not go exactly how it is planned, I’ll still be the happiest girl in the world when I say “I do” to my perfect man.

Next on our to do list: Wedding Invitations.

XOXO, the soon to be Mrs. B

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Just a girl, who planned her dream wedding, to the love of her life, trying to take in every single moment, and trying not to forget any second of her journey from Miss to Mrs. #NormanGotKariedAway

2 thoughts on “100 DAYS UNTIL THE WEDDING

  1. This is my first time reading yr blog! Your just a ray of sunshine!! It’s good to know that your asking for help and making time for your hunny (also u too!) As a wife if almost 17 years (holy sh**!) its always good to have communication with your spouse! Never go to bed angry! Wishing you the nest of luck planning your wedding. Can’t wait to see yiur dream come true! ❤


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