I’d like to take a quick break before we continue with all the wedding talk, to fill y’all in on the love story of The Future Mr. & Mrs. Norman Beltran Jr.


How we Met

Norman and I can say that we share the same alma mater, St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, TX, but it wasn’t necessarily our college days that brought us together as a couple; since we are three years apart. To make a long story short, it was actually our college best friends who later brought us together and it all came together perfectly, when the timing was just right.

It was June 2015 and I was actually living back home in El Paso, TX (where I still currently live as of now) and I was very dedicated to working with my family business.  Norman was living in San Antonio, TX (where we plan on living now) and he was settled in and working at a law firm.  Norman and I had a mutual group of sorority/fraternity friends which all had also graduated from St. Mary’s.  Although, we had shared a group of friends, it wasn’t until late June that I discovered (thanks to our very good friends) that Norman had a crush in our group and that crush was me.

Norman made the first move and asked me out for dinner for our first date.  I sadly, let him know that I was traveling a lot for work and that weekend I was going to be traveling to Corpus Christi, TX.  Surprisingly, he replied and said that he would also be in Corpus Christi, TX that same weekend for his nieces birthday party, so it was official, we had set our first date.

Talk about meant to be.

Our first date was just the beginning of a whirlwind of perfect dates.  I continued to live in Corpus Christi for work that summer and Norman took every opportunity to drive from San Antonio to spend the weekend with me.  Before we knew it, most of our dates (which I liked to call adventures), involved some type of traveling or events.  Some of our favorite include, a boys weekend in Houston, late nights on the beach in Corpus, a family wedding near Alice where I met his family, a trip to Elephant Butte lake to meet my family, and the best vacation to Orlando, FL with our best friends.  Not only did we seem to fit in with each other’s families, we already shared the same group of friends so that made it even better.

Our somewhat of a long-distance relationship has never stopped us from spending no more than two or three weeks apart.  Norman and I knew we wanted to start a life together shortly after we started dating, and I’m so grateful to have fallen in love with the most loving and supportive fiancé.  He has supported me and my goals from day one and I want nothing more than to be a constant supporter in his life too.  The best feeling is to know that someone cares for you, just as much as you care for them, and all you want to do is make each other happy.

Since the day we had our first date, I’ve found a piece of my life that always felt like it  was missing.  I am so happy to be on this journey with Norman and I feel so proud to be his future wife.



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