My sweet fiancé offered to purchase a wedding planner for me since he knows how much I love a good planner, so the search for the perfect wedding planner began.

I like to think of myself as a very organized and detail oriented person. I am also a little old-school when it comes to calendars and planners and there is still something about handwriting my appointments and notes that make my life feel together. With that said, buying a wedding planner to start the wedding planning process was a priority.

I began my research on Pinterest and Etsy, but it was honestly a little difficult to decide on “the one”, by just looking at the pictures online. Most of the planners were pretty on the outside, but it was a little hard to see what the inside content was like; which is most important to me. On Pinterest, I came across a white binder with gold foil lettering “Love Never Fails” written across the front from Immediately, I fell in love with the look and since I already followed their Instagram(@southernweddings), I decided to try this one out. They also have a short video on their website with more information about the planner, which was very helpful.


Omg, y’all. The wedding planner arrived and I was so happy with my decision to purchase the Joyful Wedding Planner by Southern Weddings. The white and gold binder cover and the vibrant shades of pink pages on the inside were just my style and even similar to my own wedding colors. Although loving the look and style was a huge plus, I couldn’t wait to start browsing through the content. The planner is filled with lots of wedding planning advice, timelines, and resources for the bride-to-be; all organized in categorized sections. The planner also includes pages dedicated to adding in your own brainstorming and wedding inspiration/visions, which I couldn’t wait to start filling out. I was totally impressed with the content of each in-depth section, and as a new bride, I’ll definitely need the advice and planning tips.



I would highly recommend the Southern Weddings planner to any new brides looking for a detailed wedding planner. Everything about the look and content was just what I wanted, but what made me fall in love with the planner most was when I read the editors notes:

“…this planner encourages brides to plan marriages more beautiful than their weddings,”.

and I could not agree more.  A special Marriage Planning section is also included and it is such a great reminder of the true meaning of a wedding.  I’m sure it is easy to get caught up in booking a venue and buying a dress, but at the end of the day focusing on our love and marriage should be the center of our attention.


Planning a wedding has always been a dream of mine, but now that I have actually found someone to love and share my life with; I know that the meaning of becoming a wife….now that is my dream come true.

P.S. The planner also adds the perfect touch while on display at our home.  I can’t wait to keep it as a scrapbook and be able to look back on all our wedding planning memories.


XOXO, the Soon to Be Mrs. B

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Just a girl, who planned her dream wedding, to the love of her life, trying to take in every single moment, and trying not to forget any second of her journey from Miss to Mrs. #NormanGotKariedAway

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